Our relationship with open source

    We started a software company is hard to understand, because you know English.
    From the time you do not already have an Internet, use English with peers around the world, I have developed an open source software tool. From auction software, old software did we proceed in a straight line to open recent software for iPad. Therefore, it is going to have to understand the benefits of open software from competitors, but also disadvantages.

    The current state of open source
      are now available in the open source Web application server, database, development framework, generating PDF, form tools, graph generation, such as generating Excel, currently a variety of development tools. Number of programmers who are involved in the development of open source is huge.
    Thanks to an excellent technology around the world have to open the software that incorporates the wisdom and art, you will be able to start the development of applications based on its software.
    By combining a number of open source software, has increased the productivity of software development.
    ■ pioneered the use of open source
       open source is no warranty, support services are not provided.
    If you want to search on the Internet in English document solutions and problems, seek the advice of other programmers, I have to ask questions in English. Because it has been developed overseas, open source, efforts to English is essential.
    Also, understand English because originally, I've been quickly adopted overseas information in English. I have taken in the differentiation strategy of our company, that you mastered in the same way as with other Japanese to English from its inception. As well as business English, and now, I am at the same level as the human good command of Western movie English and daily conversation.

    ■ self-management and cost of software that is not swayed by the vendor
    as the benefits of open source, it allows the user to their own self-management software and cost I mentioned further.
    That you can use the software without being swayed by the convenience of the vendor specification changes by adding or upgrading of unnecessary features, such as support of a sudden stop, the company took a big risk to hedge users.
    because open source is the system to be developed is different from the one made ​​by combining the software based on the use of performance feedback and by many developers, we are combines the flexibility and robustness.
    However, when the use of open source, training of personnel is also important to respond promptly follow-up of the document to be continually revised and engineers who have a proper understanding of open source specification, problems, and trouble. In addition, the presence of the administrator is also essential to know exactly the details from the entire system, I understand.
    We are also conducting training of open source technology.

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