Pros and cons of open source

    ■ take advantage of the benefits of open source
    software is available was developed by engineers around the world, excellent.
    · We will provide the source code, the software can be improved.
    · Many free software. I will be on cost reduction.
    Information and software have been published on the Internet all.
    • No software or can be discontinued abruptly, stuck-up version of OS.

    ■ Disadvantages of utilizing open source

    Software is no warranty, must be resolved in the self-responsibility to resolve the problem
    if the software has been developed and overseas, are not written in Japanese (English only)

    We do not feel that the above-mentioned disadvantages.
    How will I know what software do I use because they accumulate at your own risk, because no guarantee that we have developed in the open source more than 15 years.
    For English, we're not a disadvantage because originally hard and understand English, because we established a software company.
    On the contrary, the recent demand for software used by many foreign plants have become merit.

    I said a little bit more about the benefits of cost reduction.

    ■ The problem with a general-purpose computer system, a certain
    annual maintenance costs being held to a particular computer and vendors, the high cost of migration is awesome.
    For example, I have seen companies that still continue the mainframe computer era. I often receive consultation costs maintenance costs, migration costs from such a company.
    Also, a high market share in the IT system, for data input and output interfaces and API has not been published, we have become dependent on the vendor product and service development.
    Negative spiral for product choice is eliminated, forced to introduce continuously even in expensive IT products and services, and increased reliance on vendor even has occurred.

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