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    Sales and slump of the profit continue. The environment surrounding corporate management keep adding the strictness. It seems to go through the invisible tunnel for desiring light. The only method to promote sales and profit for is to continue creating the customer. We cannot miss the sales promotion using IT end up losing the customer. However, Many company refrain from IT investment to suppress the outflow of the expense. The problem is not solved in this way. Companies becomes negative worrying about cost of the IT. Our task is a consultant taking the worry of the manager. Therefore we launch the structure which created software in low price and a high quality. It is our IT factory.

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IT Factory

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    IT factory places an order for software making for a small and medium size software company and an overseas software developer. The top management of IT factory consists of the person who worked in the company of manufacturing industry and the retail trade. They know the method that increase cutomers and cut cost well. IT facory does not merely receive specifications and does not make software mechanically. We consult with customers thoroughly why this specifications are necessary.