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One. Examples of our website that was created in

to open new building shop new concept that targets the wealthy, winning orders renewed in home design with luxury: The purpose of the homepage
renewal on the home page that emphasizes the 2 → 3 (design level: )
to home page so that you can express the image of upscale shops, excellent alignment out, carefully designed with our customers to design the background, hanging paper, color, and font effects: rang.
小菊 goo
Empire Hotel,
50% up an Internet subscription: The purpose of the homepage
4 → 5: level
: address
effect: We will enter as a consultant, the color of the dish, The detailed arrangement of the text and image advice, proportion, search engine, for the link. It also supports new initiatives active voice, Chinese, Korean and English website to (who retired) to increase the number of customers.
Hotel Empire
Hamamatsu Mr. Ford
used car sales on the Internet: The purpose of the homepage
(transmission of information on the blog frequently) 3 → 4: level
: address
increase sales on the Internet: Effects was. Updates used car when you update the data that has been written in Excel will be reflected in the website. Updated information of the top used car page to write a blog. Were taught how to write a blog, how to write our excel data is entered as a consultant.
Ford Hamamatsu
Mr. Nobumitsu estate
property sales on the Internet: The purpose of the homepage
(transmission of information frequently from Excel) 3 → 4: level
: address
effect: We will enter as a consultant, direct, I have developed a software to put a database on a server on the Internet from Excel data property. Thus, even newcomers do not have any knowledge of the personal computer, listing can now be updated from time to time
Extensor light real estate
Special electric Co., Ltd. Mr.
Jobs and Japanese car manufacturers win orders from China: The purpose of the homepage
(Renewal of the website made ​​by employees) 1 → 3: level
: address
effect: Chinese website is provided quickly, based on orders from the Japanese automaker entering the Chinese market, it is aimed directly and orders from automobile manufacturers in China. Through the web camera, have to be seen at the headquarters of Japan and then directly to the listing of plant operation, construction status of local plants on the website, he has been able to reduce the number of business trip in China.
Special Denki
Maternity Clinic, Mr. Kusanagi
promote new hospital: The purpose of the homepage
(website design) 0 → 2: level
: address
hospital with reviews, "" here, doctor, "by having a website: effect You can now search for guides and "body and gynecology for mom", "dad hospital site search here QLife", "search.
Maternity Clinic Kusanagi